Josh Simmons

What’s Included


Dieting that is specific to your body, that will get you the resluts you want.


A weekly excercise program designed to get results that turn heads. 


A personal trainer that works with you to help you achieve your fitness goals. 

About Josh

Josh served 9 years in the Marine Corps as a Martial Arts (MCMAP) and Fitness Instructor and had tours to Iraq and Africa. He decided to take what he learned leading, training and motivating Marines and use it to start Beast Mode Fitness in 2015 . 
The skills Josh acquired from years of training the world’s elite along with certifications from Cooper Institute and the American Council on Exercise enabled him to start and grow Beast Mode Fitness into the most recognized personal training empire. 
Josh’s no excuses attitude perfectly coupled with a genuine care and attention to detail is what keeps Josh Simmons Fitness clients around for years. He has a serious passion for helping others and has helped countless people change not only their bodies, but their lifestyle and mindsets as well. There’s something really special in the way Josh motivates his clients to accomplish things they never thought possible.

Our Team

Eva Hart

Eva Hart


Eva is our yoga master! She has such a profound way of getting everyone to grasp the benefits of what yoga can do for your body and mind. She is amazing and you should sign up for our FREE YOGA TRIAL today!

Jeanine Swanson

Jeanine Swanson

Fitness & Spin

Jeanine is a master of all in the fitness and cardio realm. She will work with you no matter how new you are or how seasoned you are in the gym. People love her for her energy and knowledge. Her classes are booking fast. 

Justin Harper

Justin Harper


Justin is our cardio and boxing pro. His classes range from newbs to well to people that are versed in the ring. From baby steps to Rocky! He will be with you every step of the way. Sign up today!

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